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Skin care for "women of a certain age"

As I age (gracefully), I notice that my skin, which served me well in my "youth" has become very difficult to tame.

I followed the proper protocol in my teens of using Clinique.  It worked wonders.  Over the years I have used "age appropriate" skin care with much success.  The best of the products was the La Mer line.  I stopped using it about 15 years ago and began using natural products. Stuff like making my own oil cleanser and toner.  Using coconut oil, shea butter and the likes.

My skin leans towards the dry side but I am plagued with the occasional comedone and at times flaky skin.

I was close to heading to a dermatologist when I heard about COSRX!  Okay, ladies (and gents) let's be candid here.  I don't even know how to pronounce it works.

COSRX is a very basic Korean skin care line that is AMAZING.  The items are mind blowing and I had to take a step back because I was accustomed to fancy packaging and crazy promises.

I bought all the produ…

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