Fall is in the air

While I thought our Summer was miserably hot, I was not ready for Fall.

We had record days of over a 100 degrees for many days in a row.  Miserable!!!!  To top the Georgia heat, my husband and I trekked over 4,000 miles in our 2005 Mini Cooper convertible.  I am sure some of you are saying "How cool."  and yes it was.  I'll be blogging on that trip separately.  Now back to Fall.

Summer is just a wonderful and light time of the year.  You have cookout and impromptu dinners with friends and neighbors.  You sip a lighter sangria with berries or peaches and nectarines.  The light of day stays with you longer.  You see fireflies (or as we say in the South...lightin' bugs) and June bugs.  You see lizards and the occasional snake.  We saunter around the neighbor and stop at the pond to feed the fish and the turtles and to watch snake charmers (dragonflies) dance and skim on the water.

In my mind, the lazy days of Summer ended much too soon.  All of a sudden it was the end of Summer and I was not ready.  I was not ready for it because it was still hot.  Now, with sweet subtleties, Fall has sent a beautiful breeze that cools the land.

I sent my husband to the hangar to get my Fall decorations only to decide that I want my decorations to be subtle just like Fall.  Myriads of pumpkins, fall colors, fall plates, candles and decor won't be displayed this year.  While I will not buy new expensive items, I will play around with what I have and make them all look new again.

I am eagerly awaiting the smells of the season - crisp fresh apples, spicy smells, hot fragrant bread and sweet cream butter....but...no pumpkin.  I am not a fan of the taste or smell of pumpkin.  I know weird right?  Nothing says fall more than pumpkin.

Well...that's it for today.  Please let me know your thoughts on pumpkin as well as share your decorating, baking, plan for a wonderful fall ya'll!


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