Food that goes beyond the body

I have become so enamored with home crafting and nesting that I am devouring anything and everything that speaks to me. 

A few weeks ago, I found Stone Gable and my heart skipped a beat.  We call our home a Homestead.  It's is a work in progress.  My style ranges from Hollywood Regency to French Country to Traditional and I am finally okay with that.  After years of hiding the style I liked, not understanding my style (seriously, what IS there to understand?  You like what you like) and always being unsure about my styling, I found Stone Gable.  She is amazing and so is her website. 

This past weekend, I decided to whip up a batch of biscuits.  Biscuits are indeed one of my passions.  Nothing (and I mean nothing) beats a soft crumbly buttery biscuit.  I haven't mastered the biscuit the way I would like too but I am getting there. A month ago, I tackled a biscuit made with cake flour and it was...ahhhhhhmazing.  Yesterday I tackled this one:

Oh was heaven.  Absolute heaven.  I was taken aback because it is a recipe from Guy Fieri.  Guy is just not a chef that moves me.  He's loud and boisterous but he got it right with this biscuit.  Thanks Guy!

As I was looking for another inspiration, I found this one:

My two favorite fruits are peaches and cherries.  As the summer wanes, peaches, cherries and I must part until next summer.  This is always a sad time for me.  I held two peaches tightly in my hands at the grocery store yesterday and almost cried.  Then I found the recipe for peach dumplings and I almost cried again.  I can now say "fare thee well" to my peaches in a dish that will be memorable and will hold me until the peach and I meet again (inevitably and as well always do) next year.  Ahhhhh parting is such sweet sorrow but it will taste heavenly.

I also think Stone Gable's recipe will be amazing with apples.  I am not looking forward to my annual apple picking excursion to the North Georgia mountains with a bit more excitement and fervor.


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