So hot it's cold

I'm sitting in my office freezing.  The cold air in my office and the blistering sweltering heat outdoors is making me think (and long for) of winter.

On a whim, I decided to see if I could find the fall color palette and I did.  Be still my heart.  Fashion week in NY announced some gorgeous colors.  Dried Herb - a delicious olive green.  Not that drab olive green but one that is earthy and rich.  One of my favorite colors of the moment, Desert Sage - think cool greenish gray.  Then there is stormy weather, oak bluff, marsala, an unexpected Biscay bay - a teal.  Reflecting pond - it says it is a cool blue but it looks like eggplant or purple to me.  Cadmium orange - very retro, cashmere rose - soft pink and amethyst orchid.

You can find them here:

Share with me your favorite colors and why?

I am longing for richness, knee high boots, heavy luxurious fabrics and wraps. - I think these ink navy suede boots fall under the reflecting pond color and would be an amazing addition to the drabness of winter.


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