It's official...the Voluptuous Muse is married

YES!!!!!  Married.  As Oprah Winfrey's character, Sophia, put it so eloquently in The Color Purple "I's Married Now!!!!"

It happened exactly ten months and two days ago.  But hey...who is counting?  We are!

It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony in a small town in Deridder, Louisiana.  Not exactly the wedding I envisioned but it was perfect!

My officer did most of the planning.  We have a dear friend in Louisiana and she is a judge.  She helped my officer obtain the marriage certificate and waived the wait. 

M called me and asked me where I wanted to get married.  Due to the nature of the military, his "job" and the fact that we existed in two separate locations, I didn't know much about the area.  I did know that we both loved flying, the small airport and the people at the airport so immediately I said "the airport". 

I began my panic the Thursday (9/25/14) the day before my wedding when I realized that I didn't have his ring or a wedding cake.  I reside in Atlanta and I thought for sure I would find someone in this large metropolitan area that could make me a single layer wedding cake for no more than 15 people in a few hours.  HA! 

There is a very nice bakery called Mama Nenas ( in Louisiana. Her cupcakes and designs are amazing and her husband worked with my fiancé so I gave her a shout.  She was willing to do this for me at a reasonable price but my wedding was to take place at 2:00 p.m. and she needed until 5:00 p.m.  I realized that I had done all I could do and would not fret.  After all, M had purchased three bottles of my fave champagne (a demi sec) Veuve Clicquot to be exact, picked up the license, had the judge and reserved the place.  He had even graciously purchased my exquisite wedding band while in Afghanistan - sight unseen and based on my ooohs and ahhs.

On my drive, I stopped in Alabama.  I went into a Publix and looked at their cake.  There was a very sweet young girl who went into the freezer, found a cake and put our initials on it for me.  The manager gave me a bouquet of flowers and I picked up a place holder ring and was on my way.

My plates were purchased from Dollar General and I was happy.  I walked under the beautiful arch of sabers and was ceremoniously swatted on my bottom by one of his buddies and those six words I waited to hear were said in unison by his soldiers "Welcome to the Army, Mrs. H".  I beamed.

Up until meeting my now husband, I was a control freak (I guess the Army "beat" that out of me) and one who sought perfection.  It is NOT about perfection but about how I feel and how my heart feels.

I wouldn't trade my wedding for anything in the world.



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