Major Win from Tiffany Style Blog

In 2008 I went to work for a major commercial real estate firm in Atlanta.  One of the first people I met was Tiffany Davis Olson.  1.  I couldn't believe that a woman as pretty as she was was as nice as she was and 2. Why was this gorgeous woman in commercial real estate and not on a catwalk.  Yes...she is that beautiful - inside and out.

I enjoyed working with her.  We worked well together and had a lot of fun.  It was a great time for everyone in that office.

Tiffany got engaged and then married and then she left me.  :(  No seriously, she moved on to bigger and better things.  She is a fashion maven, a stylist, a trendsetter and a great friend.

While I am plus size I still love reading all of her fabulous finds and reviews.  I follow her on FB (sorry Tiffany but I'm not an Instagram or Twitter girl but I will do my best to try them again) and I follow her blog.

I entered a contest for her FB friends and I won.  Talk about an amazing package (why would I expect anything less than Fab from Tiffany?????).

I came home from work to find my box of goodies.  They included:

a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace
FIRE Dolce and Gabbana lipstick
wonderfully innovative disinfecting wipes for my icky grimy cell phone
Miss Dior Perfume

Then today, I opened our mailbox to find...a Starbucks gift card.  That card brought back memories.  We had a Starbucks in our building and were forever buying each other coffees.

I don't have many followers on this blog but if you do happen to cruise by please check out my friend's blog -

You won't be disappointed.

Thank you Tiffany!!!!


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