Wedding Time

I have something to say!!!!  I am engaged and am planning my wedding.  I have a wedding gown and I like it.  To be honest with you, the one I have suits me.  I was frantically searching for a gown and a friend of mine lovingly pulled me aside and said "Your wedding gown will find you."  I looked at her with a half crazed/panic and half I believe you look.  She was right.  I waltzed into Wedding Angels ( in Roswell, Georgia one evening after work.  They were crowded.  My Daughter told me about Brides Across America ( and I signed up for the free wedding dress because my soldier was deployed. 

I sat and waited for them to call my number.  I had a wonderful woman that helped me.  We walked into the room and she asked me what size I wore.  I told her and she said "I don't think we have anything left in your size."  My heart sank.  She then said "Don't worry, we can alter any dress you like to fit you." I just smiled.  I was enamoured at the second dress she put her hands on.  A lovely cream colored lace sheath with a v front and back and gentle sloping at the hem.  I gasped and she said "I think this one is a 14.  What size do you wear?" I responded "18/20" and she said "this dress is an 18, do you want to try it on?"  I said "YES".  As you know, formal gowns and wedding gowns run small.  I called a bridal studio here in Atlanta (and it will remain nameless) and the woman asked me what size I wore.  When I told her she said "Oh honey you will need at least a size 26."  Wow!

My bridal consultant grabbed the dress and led me into a fitting room.  Of course, I did not have on the right undergarments (something that would have made my Mother shudder).  I slipped into the gown and zipped it up.  I walked out and everyone did a double take.  They even went and got the other consultants and shoppers to see me.  In excitement I almost send the picture of me in the gown to my fiancé.  LOL

So today, I was in Newnan, GA and stopped in the Goodwill and found a gorgeous designer wedding gown for $99!  I carried the dress in my cart for an hour. I tried it on and pined.   I really wanted it.  I sent the picture to my Daughter, who is very politically correct and said "you have a wedding gown but if you like it get it.  Who cares what anyone says about it."  I sent it to my honest friend, Nadine and she said "You look like a meringue pie"  I laughed so hard I cried.

Needless to say...I placed the dress on the hangar and walked out.  One of my things I am learning is to not buy something because it is cheap or a good buy.  The other thing is trust your instinct of your body shape.


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