Home Renovations

I am really enjoying home ownership.  My fiancé allows me free reign and I am loving it today.  I am typically not a DIY girl but I don't have time to wait on people and most of my tasks are so small I can do them myself.  So today...I am painting the area on the bar.  I had an interior designer help me a few years ago with paint.  For the most part she did a great job - our main living area is painted Martha Stewart's burlap, the dining room is a stunning Claret and the uh oh was the bar and half bath - she selected a shade called yam!  eek!  It was not a bad color it was just too bright for the muted tones.  So I selected Valspar's Bungalow Gold for the bar and Martha Stewart's Cast Bronze for the white brackets.  This is the first picture...it is unfinished and I will post the finished product but so far I am loving it!


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